Hometown: Fredericton, NB

Native in style and true to the origins of hip-hop, yet impressive in his bass/barritone singing and blend of that with pure hip-hop. MathewMatical is a consistent and persevering artist with quite an impressive logs of artists he has opend for in lots of music scenes around Atlantic Canada.





"For me, music is a way of translating my emotions into words and sounds. I always try to transfer my
emotions to my listeners and overwhelm them with it, hence "kill them. That's why I chose "Josh the
Killer" as my moniker. I know it perks ears -- Some people even think it relates to me being aggressive,
violent, or trying to be gangster, etc. It's just a name. There's a rock band called "The Killers", right? Oh
well! -- JTK


Song Description

Sunshine Rain is our expression of hope for much better days and things to come; Hope which is effected by already existing improvements that we currently experience in our lives. 

In both our verses, MathewMatical and I spent half the time letting out emotional hurt, current and present, and then explaining that we're actually doing much better now than we have been. However,  we can't help, but wish and hope that things do get even better for us, financially, emotionally and what not, and we use the term "Sunshine Rain" to represent that hope. 

Think of it like light at the end of the tunnel, that's then closest analogy I can give for "Sunshine. The actual physical event is when rain showers while the sun still shines, which is when rainbows usually occur. That's something rare and special for a lot of people and it gives a happy feeling when you see it, so we're using that as a metaphor to describe the seemingly elusive better days that we still strongly believe will come one day. The only difference is that it'll be permanent for us! And We believe so strongly.

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